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Jun 30, 2014 7:00pm PDT
through the grapevine you'll meningitis the $37 million for the parks will or may come out of the mel ruse a that's another $37 million less for the downtown extension is that fair. >> you said 16 is an equivalent amount. >> so 618 minus 37. >> you see sort of the pattern of my questions i'm concerned with since this project is it will be out of the ground zoo soon but there's plenty of opportunity for cost changes. i'm going to predict every time the cost change or some increased costs that's we've got this pot of money that would have been $818 million to downtown and now down to 6 hundred plus million dollars now the shortfall from the park comes out of the mel ruse you down to 581 i see the number diminishing and diminishing further you know urge to get to the next page and i know you'll get there i know you're as passionate about the dp x i want to make sure we're not shooting ourselves in the foot by viewing the mel ruse you funds instead of trying to gaud them, you know, zealously for use in the d t x, x but use them to make up shortfalls i'm concerned it might be used to pay f
Jul 1, 2014 9:00am PDT
toward a future bridge tolls some of the funds for the mel ruse. i mentioned the property tax increment that is committed to the project that flows from 2005 to 2050 and although the redevelopment agencies have been developed that's considered a enforceable obligation we're using those funds to repay one hundred and 71 million for phase one, however, the number of tax increment over the 45 year period is much more than we need to repay the $171 million so our financial advisors say depending upon when we seek out a second loan it would be in the area of 3 to $40 million. we're going to expend the period of those that property tax increment is allocated to the project even though redevelopment has dissolved to the plan are will expire in 2050 the property taxs will be collected and we will allocate those from 2050 to 20060 that generates another million dollars and we're going to look at down the road when the d t x is implemented collecting the passenger fees a that's the as far on the tickets for high speed rail that depending on with it begins could generate several hundreds of millio
Jul 5, 2014 9:00pm PDT
sure it happens the source in front of us is the mel ruse we're going to find a different source. >> i guess the question is with the mel ruse how did this decision be made whether or not the park is paid for out of the mel ruse. >> i can tell you it's an eligible cost there's nothing that needs to change in terms of the progress i think i need from someone else but in terms of the project we need that. >> essentially supervisors it's similar to our annual progress we bring the agency to project the revenue and have the parks be part of the expenditure plan it will come before you as part of the capital budget. >> it will not that will have to be ultimately approved by the board. >> through the capital budget right. >> okay. thank you. supervisor kim >> i just had a quick question about the park again. i know one of the revenue idea that came up around private sponsoring i didn't have this chance to ask it but if the city has examples italian-american i'm not sure this is the best question for tjpa >> i'm not aware of a public open space by i can't see i've researched it but i'm
Jul 2, 2014 1:30am PDT
the monies that were going to be receiving from the mel ruse $28.5 million towards the construction of the park and another 2 hundred million from the mel ruse. phase two is the tunnel it connects the tunnel into king and the new transit center. on this map first of all, you see alignment 4.3 miles going up targeted downtown i up to the new trait center another thing the need for the d t x extension a lot of people that don't use caltrain they don't see that but you'll see on the slide the area half mark radius there are one hundred and 80 thousand jobs compared to other figures of jobs open fourth and king about a tenfold difference the other thing on the aerial part of the city this is a few years old the area north of market is built out not a lot of room to grow it's a long term grossly goal to shift into the south of market neighborhood. you saw this slide earlier during adams presentation but it shows that we're having tremendous success many buildings underway and another 8 residential buildings south of the district plan in the rincon point hear so the shifting development o
Jul 2, 2014 1:00am PDT
boundary you'll see for the mel reduce district a contract as ken mentioned through the transit center significant now height increasing in the velocity up to one thousand feet and up to eight-hundred feet to support new transit oriented growth in the sort of most transit served area in the region and to help fund the attributing e type 2 diabetes terminal that was a competitive streetscape plan that was down we're flushing you tell out with the costs estimates to carry the new number of huge people into the term and there was a significant planning for open space over 8 acres of open space and part of the plan was to adapt the implementation plan to help us pay our the facilities including the tjpa project there were a couple of different funding impact fees on the new development that was adopted as well as the development to propose the mel ruse district we've been developing on the materials to form the mel ruse and that's what we're presenting to you today. so to go into a little bit of information it was proposed we're presenting to you today is fully consistent with what's in th
Jun 30, 2014 6:30pm PDT
propose the mel ruse district we've been developing on the materials to form the mel ruse and that's what we're presenting to you today. so to go into a little bit of information it was proposed we're presenting to you today is fully consistent with what's in the plan in terms of the agreements and terms approved and adopted by the board of supervisors in 2012. just to mention a major development it per the planning code and the developer partners. existing development is not required to join 9 mel ruse district only on new prospers that pays for the downtown rail extension. so here's a map showing the proposed district the initial parcels their shaded on a gray on the formation and includes the publicly owned projects and has as part of their at this time to join the district. there's a future ann satisfaction area and as parcels get dialed within the area and trigger that they'll vote into the district. one of the significant components is the rate of portion time how the tax a calculated and accessed on new development on new development it didn't apply to existing knows. the way
Jul 22, 2014 11:34pm PDT
, join jimmy and his guests -- dwayne johnson, mel b, musical guest, chronixx, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: nine-one! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about right there. hot crowd. excited. welcome, everyone. welcome to "the tonight show." thank you for being here. [ cheers and applause ] oh. how fun. well, welcome to the show. here's what people are talking about. my man kanye west just did this big interview with "gq." and he's just great in interviews. [ laughter ] he's like the best dude to interview. he just says whatever. just says it, and people are like "oh, my god. i can't believe. just write it all down." well, in the interview, he talks about getting married. and get this, says he loves kim kardashian because she's unique like a fighter jet or a a dinosaur. [ laughter ] so -- beat that, hallmark. [ applause ] you are like a fighter jet or a a dinosaur. aw, that's so sweet. aw. he's great, man. and in the interview, kanye tried to dispel the myth that he's mean. he's n
Jul 23, 2014 12:00am PDT
at "saturday night live "noi" in 2 not different from his father mel brooks writing for the show of shows. but max brooks carved out a different path of his own. he's the author of the best-selling novel, world war z which earned him a cult following to say the least. he is also the author of a very different graphic novel out that came straight from history called the harlem hell fighter who tells the story of a hard fighting infantry regimen? world war i. i'm delighted to you have on the program. max, good to see you. >> thank you. >> i want to start and get this out of the way. i get asked everywhere i go by people here and there, how do i get on the show? i want to be on the show. i have this project. i have this book. how do we get on the show? and i'm going to start telling people. what you have to do is have a really, really famous father who is like iconic and who just pounds you merslessly and who comes on the show and brings his son's book and pounds you mercy fully, just berates. this is what happened. here we go. this is max. that is max brooks. max brooks wrote a couple
Jul 13, 2014 4:30am PDT
help me break this all down is one of the fierier moms i know, mel robbins joining us via skype from michigan. thanks for being here, mel. >> of course, thanks for having me. >> in some ways when i looked at the study it seems to confirm what we'd already started to see with smaller, more anecdotal studies. i don't think it comes as a big surprise. but what were the main takeaways for this for you? >> basically there were three. this was a study from the university of melbourne where they looked at 500 kids, and 315 same-sex parents, sanjay, and they said three things that are really important. first of all in the category of general health, well-being and family cohesion, these kids that are being raised by gay parents are actually faring better than their peers. the second thing that the study concluded was that in most of the other categories, they're doing just the same as their peers. and then finally, they took a look at stigma, and the stigma that kids being raised by gay parents face, and that is the huge issue that i think is really important to dive into because it really i
Jul 1, 2014 7:00pm PDT
heartbreaker. so joining me now to discuss all of it, mel robbins, a cnn commentator and legal analyst. marc lamont hill, cnn commenter, comedian and activist. mr. hal sparks and mandy stottmiller, editor at large for xo jane. >> are you a soccer fanatic now? >> i'm so happy america finally came around to knowing what every 10-year-old in the country has known for a very long time, that soccer can be really fun. but make no mistake about it. we are going to stop caring in about five minutes. we're too new to the sport. yeah. >> mel, you may be right. you have a point there, right? >> yes. look, in many suburbs around the country, there are children that are born wearing a pair of soccer shorts. but once they go on into high school and parents realize they're not going get recruited for college sports, their love affair with soccer ends abruptly. we don't care. we're out. you're going to watch the tune-in rates plummet, plummet, plummet, plummet. >> soccer -- as soccer ends up being more beneficial for kids in that way in that there is no end game, no pun intended, and kids grow
Jul 23, 2014 5:00pm EDT
going on here? >> reporter: lucy, radnor police say allen true mel work at this mcdonald's for two years. the drug sales have been going for six to eight months. they say he work the afternoon and evening shift and probably made about 1500 bucks a week with this scheme. >> give you a definition of what may be considered a happy meal. >> reporter: that comment from police after they arrested 29 year old mcdonald's employee allen tra mel after he sold them crack cocaine on several occasions. at this mainline mcdonald's in radnor. >> our officers would call ahead on the cell phone establish a date and time where they would meet mr. tra mel when he was working at the mcdonald'. >> he was busted tuesday night after allegedly made four separate crack cocaine sales to undercover officers. >> he would sell crack cocaine in package form to the undercover officers in the parking lot of the mcdonald's while he was working and return back to work. >> reporter: detectives seized 57 packets of crack in these pink envelopes when they buffed tra mel. they were selling for 10 bucks a pack. tra mel
Jul 30, 2014 6:00am PDT
battering. yesterday mel robinson and i called for smith's suspension and that in itself caused, well, some silliness. it is nice that smith apologized, but i wonder if espn will do what it ought to do, suspend smith. look, in 2012 the management at espn expressed outrage when two employees used the phrase "chink in the armor" while referencing jeremy lin, the asian basketball player, one employee suspended for 30 days and the other was fired. why is espn giving smith a pass? >> the feminazis are fried. they're really worked up over the ray rice suspension, the baltimore ravens and the commissioner of the nfl sent a guy out to try to explain what happened, ended up throwing gasoline on the fire, made it worse. i watched a couple of women on cnnen this morning, just livid, and these were elderly feminazis, they claim his apology was on a teleprochter which means somebody wrote it and he didn't really mean it so they're after stephen a. smith at espn. >> seriously, elderly feminazis, is that all you got rush? i hate to tell you honey but you lost. stephen a. smith has been rightly
Jul 29, 2014 6:30pm PDT
coverage with mel and tholg and with that colleagues wish everyone a wonderful recess and next open september 2nd michelle's. there's no further business. . ladies and gentlemen, we're adjourned.
Jul 4, 2014 4:00am EDT
anyone who did not submit false reports. in phoenix debbie allen believes her husband mel died because of bonuses. mel died of bladder cancer after waiting eighth months for care but she said officials would not report the delay s because that would cost them money. >> it was disgusting. for money, for bonuses. it's really careful. >> we could not reach sharon helman. susan bowers who has since retired told us in a phone interview she was not aware of findings of manipulation of data and her bonus was based on the many positive things done while i was there. cynthia mccormack seblts us to the headquarters. she said she got her information based on the information available at the time. what's coming to congress is a much closer look as to why the bonuses weren't stopped. senior level bonuses have already been suspended for this year, but not even chairman miller would eliminate all of the bonuses because he said thousands of hard-working employees deserve them. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. >>> well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," live reports on hurrican
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Jul 29, 2014 12:01am PDT
>> mel gibson is not in this one but isn't it crazy mel gibson actually turned into mad max? >> comedians what is something that should not premiere at comic-con that you wished did this year? nikki glaser? >> deodorant. >> chris: i will give you points for that everybody joe. >> the expendables versus the view i wanted to see that happen. these are two groups of people that need to be stopped. points. i will give you point. >> this was posted on facebook and people were just relieved it wasn't enough picture of the kid dressed as a frozen character. what was this? it is hard to look at. >> it is really hard to look at. >> it is unpleasant. >> chris: a photo of a comic-con that waited eight hours in the heat to see the come trailer. >> or tour de france after 145 miles. >> or selfish from the ms. juggalet contest. >> it is in fact, the french thing. >>Ñi polish writer, bartosz huzarski, if you don't still think a bike race is grueling look at the bathroom break. here is where you want your eye. wee! >> oh! i would not be surprised that later that grass has a positive for pe
Jul 21, 2014 1:35am EDT
go slow him down, garner kept working. and in 1994 he came full circle teaming one with mel gibson and jodi foster this time as brett maverick, sr. >> this silly little creature is named maverick and my name is annie bell. i'll be taking has coach. >> so am i. >> this is the best job in the world being an actor and it's one of the toughest but it's one -- couldn't be any better. >> garner spent nearly 50 years as a leading man. omar villa franco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the actress who played mel gibson's young daughter in the patriot as died. sky was found dead in bed inside her houston apartment yesterday. she was just 21 year old. it was not immediately clear as to how she died. an autopsy is being performed. >>> faa continues its investigation in a fiery hot air balloon crash and explosion captured on tape. that is what happened when the balloon called the razz berry ripple struck a power line in massachusetts. five of the six people on board did suffer burns. this incident happened last night in a suburb near boston. eyewitnesses say when the balloon hit the power lines
Jul 11, 2014 6:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: self attempts were made to revive him but they were unsuccessful. his body was taken to the mel examiner's office in university city for an autopsy. >> central detectives are investigating it as a sudden death which we do with all sudden death situations or incidents. at this point we have to wait on the medical examiner's report to return. >> reporter: ben deck ran nightclubs across the country including the dba nightclub and popular av nightclub in los angeles. he was reported in philadelphia scouting out possible new business ventures. detectives are tracking his whereabouts in the hours before his death. >> where he was located, any people that may have been with him. those type of things. in terms what may have led to his death. >> sources say no drugs, alcohol or drug paraphernalia were found in his room. >> they have to backtrack and just kind of see his whole pattern in terms of leading up to that moment that he was discover. >> reporter: now, an autopsy today proved inclusive. there were no signs of trauma and the mel examiner's office will have to conduct more tests be
Jul 2, 2014 12:00pm EDT
with chips? >> i am. i think intel's broken out, mel, one of easy reasons i like it. part of my playbook playoffs picks here and i still hold this one. i like it for the upside. just as i liked microsoft in the mid to high 20s. i think this is a similar sort of move that i don't think it gets to 40 by the end of the year, mel, but it's a 30, -- $3 3 $31 stock, key to that, new chip. and integration into ford motor company and so forth. a lot of what intel is doing is very cool and not just about wearables. about how consumers interact with things. again, like what they're doing with ford. >> goldman sachs, interesting pick, murph. slapped by bernstein? >> it did. goldman and all financials hard time, underperforming just about everything the first half of the year. down 6% year to date but i think financials are the second half story to keep an eye on. and goldman is interesting, because very cheap, trades under ten times next year's earnings. the key for goldman, my opinion, going into the wealth management business. as we all know, a huge driver for morgan stanley. out of that
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Jul 16, 2014 12:01am PDT
: or ... my friend mel gibson was right when he said you have to try this place. four stars of david. number one? paul f. tomkins. [cheers and applause] scott aukerman, come back. see you tomorrow night. our guests will be seth morris, john ross bowie and peter serafinowicz. keep the game going on twitter. [cheers and applause] [patriotic music] - he creates this whole persona. he's like hey, how y'all doing today? it's alan freed king of the moondoggers! oh, yeah. - yeah. oh, my god. - and kristofferson said how can i get my song to johnny cash and make an impact? johnny said, some fool's landing in our yard with a helicopter. if there's any doubt, derek waters is really drinking with me. - sylvia robinson wanted to name the band the sugarhill gang after this artistic community in harlem.
Jul 9, 2014 4:30am PDT
is the voice of britney mel cher asking first responders to rush to her house and help her baby who stopped breathing. she said their one-year-old son went limp after choking on a metal washer. >> i heard him say address and i heard it again and recognized it as my own address. >> he was able to clear his son's airway by removing the washer with his own finger. they credit her with good composure and she treated the call with the same urgency she treats every call. >>> a new 911 baby, they are credited her. >> so so they looked around and say they saw her with something between her legs. she was having a baby and they had to wait for paramedics to arrive. >> she started to communicate, i asked her is it a boy or girl, does it have already a name and she still doesn't know the mother's name and she is trying to help again and is asking to start collecting baby clothes to donate. at that is an incredible story. >>> 4:48 is the time, let's check in with sal. >> pam, your cold is hardly noticeable. i'm taking over for what frank would have said. >> i am getting a lot of suggested remedi
Jul 30, 2014 5:30pm PDT
their coverage with mel and tholg and with that colleagues wish everyone a wonderful recess and next open september 2nd michelle's. there's no further business. . ladies and gentlemen, we're adjourned. good afternoon ladie gentlemen, welcome to the special meeting of the san francisco municipal transportation agency and parking horticulture commission. >> director brinkman. director lee. director nolan and chair we have quorum. item 3 announcement of prohibition of sound like pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices
Jul 7, 2014 10:00pm PDT
new york. >> joining me now, legal analyst mel rob yinls, janet johnson and shelby county district attorney d.a. so amy, i'm going to begin with you. as a district attorney general in memphis, how often do you see children left in hot cars? and there's a new law that went into effect there last week. >> the new law is a civil law that gives people immunity from civil lawsuits if they break someone's car to rescue a child. but far too often we have incidents in shelby county. here in memphis it gets very hot. far too often we have incidents where children are removed from cars. oftentimes still alive but unfortunately, sometimes it is too late. >> what sticks out to you, if anything, about the harris case, amy? >> well, what do you mean? just the -- >> in general, if you see this happening a lot, rate? and then there is a new civil law where you are, is there something that stands out in this particular case as to what the father said or to the actions of either of the parents? >> well, not really. it's a tragic, horrible situation. and i think what strikes us every time these situa
Jul 18, 2014 11:35pm EDT
in a hornet's nest. >> jimmy: yeah, in general, they say defending mel gibson is not a good thing to do in any way. i think i understand what you were trying to get at, though. you were talking about people being hypocrites. people love to jump up on their soap box and take shots at people for saying something, when you know a lot of people are saying -- not all of them, but a lot of them are. >> not all of them. but it just -- it just came over in a certain way. and for that, i'm deeply sorry. >> jimmy: well, let me make the most awkward transition possible and say, are you excited about "planet of the apes"? [ cheers and applause ] >> wte tnet of t ngis event itipose s. n>> fhe eall>>d to , i-- mal e jchete jt, ys bediim >>, the apesh,s n .yeah.mys y thd.y madehei meai g move. visome of th some of the original films, toc t bannd we ng esne>>gos t an e o?ine veof ybthe arle oigpplause ] nyesant keoes,toh ck gorisso fsta esett nyesant hes-ri'verces-nz oberoiselwn yo a r dt hes-ri'verce cieasstroiselwn yo a ,. get thwispy eg t'go999 eg ue tasewedsme.c a br bs.-a e tretchage fit evan '
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Jul 30, 2014 2:03am PDT
. >> mel gibson sr. >> the e-mail is coming from inside the house. >> don't worry, the pictures are of my kids. morgan. >> 4697335757 entourage, the movie. jay. >> 2-pump chump. >> morgan. >> you're within 100 feet of an erection. >> points. >> hardwick industry sweat shop warehouse three. >> points. jay, jay. >> number one nickel back fan. >> is that the wifi or are you just making a declaration? ( buzzer ) ( laughter ) ( applause ) that's the end of "hide yo kids, hide yo wifi." morgan murhpy i'm sad to say the earlier prediction did come true and dwriewr in third place and we have to eliminate you. i do feel bad. >> that's all right. i have a hot tinderred date. >> you tinderred someone to meet you backstage? >> yes. >> there ps. ooohelp. that means it's time to cancel our subscription. it's for the win! the internet has become a hub of but sometimes, you want to propose an exchange that's so antiquated, the internet just won't do. for that you need a newspaper's classified section, the greyhound bus of trade. and so, in a twist of irony, we found on the internet a compilation of newsp
Jul 8, 2014 6:00am PDT
valencia, thank you. >> you bet. >>> hln host jane velez-mitchell joins me and mel robbins, cnn commentator and legal analyst. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> and jane, i know you've been speaking to friends of the family. we just heard from chris, one of the friends of justin ross harris. he wants to stand by his friend. you can hear that, but he is sort of saying he's looking at the evidence and he doesn't know that he can. what are these friends telling you? >> well, i spoke to chris as well last night, and there's a sense of betrayal, and that is really the essence of this story, a man who was living a double life, and what these search warrants show is that authorities have just scratched the surface of this double life, and they want to dig deep and find out what other taxic secrets were going on in the harris household. we know this sexting which the defense tried to describe as irrelevant fantasy, had been going on for a while. one of the females that he was sexting as his son roasted in the hot car was 17, but she was 16 when he had sta
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Jul 16, 2014 2:03am PDT
. [laughing] >> chris: or ... my friend mel gibson was right when he said you have to try this place. four stars of david. number one? paul f. tomkins. [cheers and applause] scott aukerman, come back. see you tomorrow night. our guests will be seth morris, john ross bowie and peter serafinowicz. keep the game going on twitter. [cheers and applause] - my name is nathan fielder, and i graduated from one of canada's top business schools with really good grades. now i'm using my knowledge to help struggling small business owners make it in this competitive world. [sweeping orchestration] ♪ ♪ this is nathan for you. aw. when something this cuddly is your product, you'd think it would sell itself. but jennifer berardini at pet mania in burbank, california knows that it takes more than just a cute little face to bring in customers. - we advertise online, a little bit of print mail sign advertising, flyers. in the burbank times they run our ad continuously. - but effective advertising isn't about quantity. it's about location. so i came to jennifer with a targeted way to reach potential
Jul 22, 2014 7:00am PDT
weather is concerned today. checking things out. look who's in the orange room. it's mel b. mel b. is in the orange room. >> nice to see you. >> you look fantastic. >> so do you. >> you're going to join us in a bit. >> i am. >> it's mel b. you can see we got showers and thunderstorms. warm, moist, humid air being pumped up ahead of this front. we're go i think to look at the colder air behind the front. temperatures about 20 degrees colder. in between those two we're looking at strong storms. chicago, you're going to have a great day today. by late in the day, showers and thunderstorms develop. and here's the area of strong weather today from nebraska, kansas city, chicago, milwaukee. damaging winds, hail, heavy rain, and the isolated that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the wood >>> a good-looking day shaping up. it's 9:11 now. taking a good look at the radar, which has really started to improve over the past half hour or so. this is all that's leftover, but i can tell you, we're still fair game for a residual shower or two as we head throug
Jul 1, 2014 12:00pm EDT
half performance, however. in other words, up 6%, give or take in the first half of the year, mel. my target, for us to be up 10 by the end of the year. no yo if he get past that but continue to work up rather than down. >> do we see rotation, second half of the year? what worked, being sold, didn't work, being bought? >> seeing a little of that going on today. consumer discretionary coming around, but this is a classic first day of a new quarter after a quarter which surprises everyone with strong performance. so what's going on today is on the institutional side. you have all the portfolio managers who are under invested now having to quickly reposition themselves to gain waitings. i said yesterday, apple, as my final trade. that's a classic example. i still think the street relative to what its waiting should be is under investment. you'll see it continue, i believe, in earnings over the next couple of days. >> make it today's action, yesterday we could have seen a little more. today, now what? >> you asked the question about rotation. something we've been doing over the last coupl
Jul 3, 2014 6:30pm EDT
believes her husband mel died because of bonuses. mel allen died of bladder cancer after waiting 8 months for care. but she says officials would not report long delays because that would cost them money. >> and now they're covering up the cover-up, which is really a disgusting thing to do. for money? you know? for bonuses? it's really terrible. now i don't have a husband. and many other people are in the same situation. >> reporter: we could not reach sharon helman, the suspended director in phoenix, for comment. susan bowers who has since retired told us in a phone interview she was not aware of findings of manipulation of data and that her 2013 bonus was based on the many positive things done while i was there. cynthia mccormack referred to us va headquarters which said mccormack met her performance standards and got her bonus based on information available at the time. >> what's now coming in congress is a much-closer look at why more of these bonuses weren't stopped as the investigations unfolded. senior level va bonuses have already been suspended for this year. but margaret not even
Jul 16, 2014 12:00pm PDT
pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and child cruelty. joining me now, cnn legal analyst, mel robbins, and our senior legal correspondent, host from cnn "reliable sources" brian stelter. brian, it's your job to watch tv and read newspapers. i want to begin with you as far as the perspective from media. because going back to richard jewell, i remember being at those olympics and i think a lot of people forget he was cleared because he was so totally vilified. he said he lived for 88 days, afraid of being arrested for a crime he didn't commit. is that fair, that comparison, in this case? >> i understand why they are making it, because it conjures up an image in our minds that is sympathetic to this woman. oftentimes, in this news cycle we live in, an initial story is a category 5, and then the followup is a category 1. there's usually not as much attention later on. in some cases, maybe, it is comparable. but i don't -- we don't know enough in this case to know if it's really a fair comparison. >> you wrote this opinion piece on even before the statement from the lawyer,
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